Qasr Ajyad Alsad 

600 meters   to Haram

Z Ajyad

580 meters to Haram

some of our clients

Qasr Ajyad Alsad 2

900 meters   to Haram

Qasr Al-aziziah

3.8 km to Haram

km to Mina

OUR HOTEL property

welcome to Hotelz Group!

Hotelz Group is a hotel chain company based in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. We have a variety of hotels in different areas of Makkah, which are all suitable for Hajj & Umrah convenience.

We have rooms, floors, & hotels with great prices for all seasons (Umrah, Ramadan, and Hajj), or you can rent for the entire year. We cater to the needs of individuals and groups, regardless of whether you are here with your family, or part of a Umrah/Hajj company or delegation.

Umrah & Hajj Delegations

Iranian Deleg. – Turkish Deleg. - Egyptian Deleg. - Tunisian Deleg. - Libyan Deleg.

Travel Agencies

Algeria: Teiba Tourism Company - Kefaf Tourism Company - Al-Azhar Tourism Company - Jusfat Tourism Company

Egypt: Saba Travel & Tourism - Silver Travel & Tourism

Turkey: Suruco Tourism, Isra Turizm

Indonesia: Almanar Travel & Tourism

                                    ….. And many others